York is a fabulous city for rambling around, no destination required. I thought Johnny would love it and I think I was right. It still feels very old, considering it has everything modern life requires. It was a walled city, and most of the wall is still intact. We walked a length of it while we were there. We went to see York Minster, which is the cathedral in the centre of town. The whole city begs to have its photo taken, this could explain why every  time I am there I find it  overrun by Japanese tourists. Bless them, they are so sweet wandering around in clumps with cameras to their faces.

We walked through the shambles, which is a maze of tiny cobbled streets, full of market stalls and crooked buildings, shops selling toys and sweets and souvenirs. Tea shops squashed between tiny walls. The whole thing looks as though it’s ready to topple over.

We had lunch on the rooftop patio of a restaurant in town and climbed the hill to Clifford’s Tower, which is a circular ruin from which you can see most of York.

We headed back on the train and got off at Knaresborough which is as far as I have seen,  the prettiest little town in England. The river runs straight through it and the big posh houses are built into the cliffside. I fell in love with it the first time I came through on the train. The castle is really ruined and only pieces of wall now, but they have built a mini putting green in the centre of it. You can hire boats to cruise up and down the river, but it is always quiet. The roads are all tiny and winding, so we explored a bit and then headed back to Harrogate.

Johnny was irate at the computer for some reason so I sent him away for a Guinness. He was a million times better when he came back upstairs, so is the magic of that black stuff.

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