On The Rocks

The happiest sound in the world…

This “graffiti” that we found on our wander around Brighton sums up the vibe of the place, and the reason that we fell so instantly in love with it. We came out of the station and could see the ocean down at the bottom of the hill. After a little hunt we found Baggies Backpackers where we were staying, checked in, dumped our stuff, got changed and went to look around.

I don’t know how anyone could be there and be sad. Everything is so cute and so happy. There’s a whole neighborhood full of rainbow flags, little bars, and shops full of things to calm your chi.

At first I didn’t know how to feel about the pebble beach, but after listening to that gorgeous sound a few times and realizing I wasn’t having to constantly brush wet sand from between my toes I was quite pleased.

The old West Pier still stays in the water after it was ruined by a fire, but because it is listed, they are unable to tear it down. Johnny became obsessed by the west pier during our stay. I think if he’d been able to rebuild it himself he would have. It must have been so pretty though, it used to be a bandstand/theatre holding weddings and the like but now it just sits sadly in the sea. There is talk of rebuilding it but no luck yet.

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