We hopped on an early train to Glasgow and on the bus to Stranraer, waiting ages for the ferry. We spent most of the ferry ride over outside on the deck watching the Irish sea froth under our feet and getting sprayed in the face, trying to stay balanced on the bumpy boat. It was a good giggle.

The thing about Ireland I noticed the first time I was there, and every time since when it’s been a while, is that it really is that green. I listened to Irish music on the bus for ages, looking out the window at five thousand shades of green. It really is everything people say about it.

Auntie Mags picked us up in Derry and we finally got to Buncrana and got settled at The Thistle.  We all helped to make dinner and spent most of the night in the garage which my Uncle Brian has turned into his own personal bar, complete with an old on-armed bandit, full size bar beer towels all over the wall and a pool table. It is ace. I wish we could get him some taps.

He is the happiest person I know. I don’t recall ever in my life seeing him without a smile on his face. He told us stories and giggled his infectious giggle and my ch’i was instantly settled. He is so thrilled to be living there and they’ve been there five years. He swears he could never go back to Glasgow to live now, the quiet country life is for him. He looks out his window every morning, watching the sheep in the field and looking out over the sleepy town, and he is chuffed to bits every time. I think it’s lovely.

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