The photo above is of the iron peacock on top of the Princes Square centre in town, where all the posh shops are…

I gave myself the day off today. No schoolwork, no work, no business. Barely even working on this website. Just Tesco’s. That was the most stress in all of my day. I read travel stories and played and napped and ate chocolates, watched comfy american sitcoms like Hope & Faith and Home Improvement, laughed at my sister telling stories about being attacked by a stuffed deer head…or maybe it was a moose. And drank lovely, spicy sweet chai tea.

“Drink Me Spiced Chai Latte. A luxurious laid back blend of spices from around the world. Tea, milk, sugar and attitude from India via California. Imagine if we all took ten minutes each day to think pure kind thoughts, things would be different. Traffic jams would be a thing of the past and everyone would look good in sandals.”

I really think they would.

It’s like a lovely cuddle. I’ve had four cups already today.

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