Chopsticks, Teenyboppers, and the Lovely Sienna

I went to The Apartment Show, an art show of mostly installations. It was held at this dodgy, soon to be condemned little apartment block downtown, and my lovely Jon did up one of the bathrooms. It was fab. They took two abandoned apartments and artists each had a room to use. One of my faves were a bathroom with a body in the tub, covered with candles and condoms, pink string lights and deflated balloons, it was as though someone had thrown a birthday party in the bathroom and passed out in the tub.

Afterwards we went to New City to play bingo led by a caller with a tartan suit and a bleached mohawk on. His assistant wore a corseted black pvc tutu. My Granny had a good giggle when I told her about it.

I saw Factory Girl with the lovely Sienna. She plays Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol’s alleged muse. It made him look like a bit of a wanker but maybe he was, I wouldn’t know, I never met the guy. But it was good, and we watched in the Princess II on a little screen in comfy old seats, so it was happiness.

We took the teenyboppers on an adventure to the Legislature, getting educated awhile, taking photos and climbing the hills around the river valley trails. We took them to the Mongolie Grill where Caius successfully learned how to use chopsticks (in about 10 minutes, the kid’s a genius)
and Caeridd’s only concern was “Do you guys have any chicken?” He ate a plate of stir fried chicken, no veg, no sauce, nothing. It was a giggle. My fortune cookie said Your lost item will be found next week. I still haven’t figure out what I lost.

My sister and I told mum her Easters had been a poor effort these last few years, so we woke up yesterday morning to go hunting for easter-coloured Hershey’s kisses hidden about the house: under the couch, in the candle holders, behind the speakers, in the cupboards. We had a laugh and I think she did too. Who says Easter is just for the little ones?

I dyed my hair and Paulie says I look like the hot one from Jem & The Holograms. He’s so cute, bless him.

Oh, and we’re going to San Francisco, two weeks from today and school is almost over, yay me!

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