Christmas in New York

I made it to New York on Monday without a scratch. I love the Virgin people. They all wear red and speak with London accents. They offered me wine with my turkey dinner and even gave us ice cream on the flight. Such lovely folk. Though the day got wrecked when I got back to the hotel without my purse. A few panicked phone calls later meant my streak of decent karma was broken. Bollocks.

It was lovely to see mum and weez and so we cosied into our room on the 23rd floor of the Sheraton and strolled down Broadway for a peek at New York City. Dinner was a late one in an Italian on Broadway. Sadly not a gangster in sight.

We spent Tuesday figuring out where we were, strolling around Central Park drinking hot chocolate. We shopped in Saks, nosed through the designer clothes even mummy’s visa card could not afford, checked out the window displays on 5th Avenue and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

I made phone calls about my purse and finally decided I was getting nowhere, so we headed back out to the airport on the Subway to try and get things straightened out. No luck. no one had found it or turned it in so we could do nothing but give up. Poor Mum almost got hit in the face with a door when trying to get on the AirTrain which was just the giggle that me and Weez needed, but bless her it was probably slightly frightening. We had Dinner at Angelo’s Pizza, the same place Johnny and I had gone in August.

We spent the next morning in Midtown North Precinct being bitched at by the nasty woman in administration, trying to explain what had happened to my purse. She was a proper wench and so unhelpful, sadly like so many people we had so far come across. It was a total shock coming from the UK if I’m honest. I hauled a bloody great big suitcase through the London tube and so many people stopped to help me. But here in New York no one helps you with anything if they can help it. Not unless they’re getting paid. We were thoroughly discouraged with the whole thing, be honest I think we’d have all gone home that second if we could have. Our moods were slightly brightened when listening to a crazy man who was handcuffed in front of the desk shouting “If I take a hundred dollar bill and iron it, that’s money laundering.” I wonder what happened to him.

We spent the afternoon strolling around Greenwich Village  which I love. It is all cute little shops and grand Victorian buildings with fire escapes. We had chai tea in a little cafe where NYU students sat around doing homework and sipping fruit tea. I was absolutely in love with it. What a perfect place. If ever I find myself in New York again I will be there in the Village.

We jumped back on the subway heading for Canal Street and Chinatown. We got on an express train to Brooklyn Bridge by accident and got off not quite sure what to do. Then a proper New Yorker accent piped up on the stairs. “Y’all are going to Canal? Y’all can walk to Canal.”  Our little helper was Capri and she was absolutely adorable. We all fell in love with her in that five minute walk. She took us up Centre St past the Supreme Court and Mum squealed that she felt like she was in Law & Order. I was so glad we had met Capri, she completely restored my faith in New Yorkers. We all gave her a cuddle when she left us in Chinatown. What a little honey.

Chinatown was fabulous. Millions of little stalls full of Buddhas and beads. Knock-Offs of perfume and bags and sunglasses and little China wifeys whispering DVD? You want DVD? I give you good deal! as you walk past. I loved it.

Back in Midtown we had a beautiful Thai meal for diner and headed for the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Centre, watching the skaters and chatting up the NYPD. Every five minutes Mum would swear that some movie was shot right where she was standing and Richard Gere had run past just there. Bless her.

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