My Uncle Brian says there are basically two types of people in Ireland. There or those who have a framed photo of the Queen on their living room wall, and those whose photo is of the Pope.

In Derry, you don’t really need to go into someone’s house to find out which breed they are. Just look at the pavement outside their house. If its edges are red, white and blue, they  are protestants for a British Ireland. If the pavement is green, white and orange, they want a Catholic republic.

So, of course it begged asking. What if you are Muslim,  or Buddhist, or Jew or any other? So far as I can tell, you aren’t. There just aren’t any…or they’re very rare.

It’s completely fascinating to me.
We spent the day looking around, walking on the wall, looking in churches, trying to figure it all out. My Uncle Brian told us a story of having friends over to visit when they’d first moved there. They took them up to Derry to go shopping at were completely alarmed at the fact that there were armed guards walking around in main shopping streets. You have to remember, he said, there’s still a war going on.

We spent the evening in Buncrana at the Drift Inn drinking hot whisky, a concoction that my Uncle Brian has taken a shine to.  It’s irish whisky, cloves, lemon, sugar and hot water and it is lovely. I’ve never been a whisky drinker but I could drink a few of those. Johnny had his first proper Irish Guinness and I think he was well pleased. The pub has netting and driftwood on the walls and ceiling and the entire bar area including the roof is covered in seashells. it is such a cute place, inside what used to be the Swilly Railway Station. You feel so cozy in a small town little pub, people know people. It is happy and friendly and everyone laughs. I like it here.

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