We spent the day driving around in the little Civic, up the Mamore gap to hang out with the sheep. There are lots of little grottos up there fillied with statues of Padre Piel, rosaries and tiny candles. No idea who built them but they show up on the roadsides at random. You can see for ages from the top of the gap, over the fields and up to Lough Swilly.

We drove to the coast on the Atlantic side, to a beach that looks not at all like it belongs in Ireland, climbing the rocks before the tide came back in.

My Uncle Brian used to stay in a little house in Donegal which belonged to the Wannish McLaughlins which is his family.  He remembers very little because he was really young. The land has since been bought up by Americans and there stands a hotel. It was them who discovered the waterfall. My Uncle and the family never knew it was there. So we walked along the path and through the forest to see it and what a random thing. Out of nowhere comes this gorgeous waterfall. He thinks it is the most fabulous thing and it really is. He is still so excited about everything. I love that.

We had tea at The Blue Moon Pub, a perfect place with a stone fireplace and old maps and books along the walls. A little Irish family eating Sunday lunch was running the place and it was only us there. I was very much in love.

We went to the Famine Village on Doagh Island which is an outdoor museum that is set out like an old Irish village in the time of the Potato Famine. They take you on a tour to learn the history of the place and you sit through a proper Irish wake.

Our last stop was the Rusty Nail for some tea and a heat before we headed back to Buncrana for dinner and to hang out with wee Jenny for a while.

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