Feeling Like Home

Of course, he hadn’t gotten a British passport in time. He’s a boy. So we ended up in the line for shunned foreigners. No, i am not an asylum seeker or an illegal alien or anything of the sort. I was born in this city for God’s sake, let me in!

I don’t like the alien line. it’s long and boring, especially in London when all i want to do is go and play Monopoly. Especially when I’ve just gotten off a transatlantic flight. But no. stand in line for an hour because someone forgot to get a passport arranged…I might have been a touch grumpy.

In all reality I could have gone through and waited on the other side, but Heathrow is not a place you want to lose somebody. They will vanish into the abyss and never be seen again. It is the only scar on the face of an otherwise perfect city. At least, in my mind. But what can they do with so many bodies.

We hopped the Heathrow Express to Paddington and I was instantly happier when I saw Yo! Sushi and little bears in yellow raincoats; when I heard the “Mind the Gap” voice and smelled eau de tube station. Thus began my mantra for most of the rest of the trip.

I love this city. I love this country.

I got cash and a bagels. I know… off the plane from New York and I choose to eat bagels in London. I am backwards in most things. I’m okay with it. I needed to be in my lovely city for a minute or two so I dragged my pack and my tired but still very cute boy to Buckingham Palace. We quickly gave up and jumped the train to Exeter when we discovered my pack was cutting off the circulation in my right arm and providing this rather unpleasant tingly feeling in the bits of my arm I could feel.

The train/bus to Exeter and further the grounds of Beautiful Days were a good time to chill and look out the window. It is an absolutely lovely part of the country. We got there and found a cushy spot to camp just off the main field, not too far from anything. We got our tent from Joe Bananas and set up with assistance from a Welsh bloke with a rather valley-ish accent. Though he was lovely, bless him. We, typically, got pissed on, but it was lovely to wander around in the English summer rain among all the hippies, wondering just exactly where all these dreadlocked folk are for the rest of the year. We watched some bands and just generally got our bearings, using the darkness to discover aliens floating around in the sky.

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