I'm Back

It is nice to be back in my house again. Back in my own cosy bed. I spent the day with my lovely boy. I will always remember the way he smiled when he opened the door this morning. I got millions of kisses and cuddles and lots of tea and sorted out a few things. Life is good again. I don’t think I realized how much I was missing him until I saw him again and felt like I’d never really left. It is so nice to have my car back and to have some of my own space again because it is really something I crave and I haven’t had that in forever. I got to see my little brother who seems to have smartened up slightly since I left. A decent job and he’s still in one piece and not in jail so things are working out.

It always feels weird the first little while that I’m back. It’s a very different place for me now than it was because there are so many people and things missing from it. It’s temporary though. I know that much for sure now. I am just here visiting. I just have to get things done so I can leave again. But I have never been good at patience.

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