In Search of Aliens

I was having a bit of a motivation issue, as in, I had none. So my boy squished into a chair meant for one and cuddled me. He told me that I had best find some because if I didn’t I would wake up in ten years and go out to get my mail wearing bunny slippers and drinking coffee. But I hate coffee. Yes, he said, but I would drink it because everyone else on my street was getting their mail and drinking coffee at the same time, and everyone else’s kids had just gone off to school. So had mine, so I would do it too. He told me that if I didn’t want to become a bored suburban housewife with a minivan in my driveway that I had better wake myself up and get out. Or something like that. So I laughed and cuddled and got up . Enough staring at the computer willing something to come. It was not happening. We were going out.

So we got in the car (Mummy’s cuz Yoshi was in the shop getting sorted, she was very ill) and he directed. And we drove, ending up at the Science Park which I didn’t even know existed. In it there are these weird UFO buildings full of Science exhibits that they shut down due to lack of funding in the early 80s, I think.

It’s strange, covered in snow. Nobody there. There are tons of hiking trails. You can see across the river to Rundle Park and downtown in the distance. It was nice outside but I was wearing capris and the snow was so deep I was up to my knees in some parts. So surreal. You can hear the snow crunching under your feet and the leaves rusting over your head but not much else. The ice is melting so walking over it when it has water underneath is like popping giant bubble wrap. Fun.

I expected aliens at any moment.

I know this is horrid but it is a symptom of watching too much CSI. I said to him… if I was a criminal and I felt I needed to off someone I’d do it here. No one would ever find them. When I told Paulie later where we had been he asked if I’d found any prostitutes in the bush. So at least I’m not the only person who thinks like that. Lucky I’m not a criminal.

It was very cool. Anyone out there who is suffering from writer’s block, creative stalling of any kind…life block. Go somewhere like that. Completely random, completely different. I could have written several stories on the walk back just thinking of all the people who’d been there before us.

All the people who’d carved their messages in the abandoned picnic tables. It was nice just to be out doing something. Happy Saturday afternoon. Timmy’s for soup and tea and off to work.

I would like to introduce you to the newest love of my life. His name is Marley and he is (one of) the most beautiful fish in the world. Tied with Simon the pretty red and purple fish who lives at Johnny’s house. Best not to introduce them, I don’t want a fight.

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