We headed up to Jasper for the weekend to chill out. We left on Saturday afternoon and drove for about 4 hours. It got a bit scary after it fell dark. It would have been nice if a deer hadn’t walked across the road in front of us, but it is their space. We hung out in the pubs when we got there where I was drinking cider and Metaxa. We spent the next day shopping and waiting for the roads to clear. It was still a bit icy but we decided to drive out to Athabasca Falls and then to Maligne Canyon.

My mary janes were probably not the best choice of shoe as Johnny had to slide me along beside him and try to keep me from falling over the edge of the canyon. We saw some deer along the side of the road on the drive up, and a load of elk as well. They don’t seem too scared of people, they just hang out and much away while you drive.

We found the most delicious chai tea in Coco’s Cafe and wandered around town drinking it and popping into shops. It was like a ghost town! Ski season started this weekend but there wasn’t many about and lots of restaurants were closed for the season. We shopped some more and got me a shiny pink teapot, and then had sushi for dinner and drank more cider. Delightful.

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