Lady Liberty

We ate fruit and cereal in the courtyard at the hostel, thankful for another beautiful day, and myself more so for the clear skies which would mean a calm flight.

We jumped on the subway and landed at the ferry terminal, heading for the Statue of Liberty. I love watching the subway stations go by, the mosaic tiling on the wall, the random people getting on and off. I spent most of
the ride watching a little boy with a sprouting afro playing and singing on the seat opposite us.

The ferry terminal is madness. You go through security thicker than at the airport before you even get near the queue for the ferry. It took a while for the ferry to get going, unfortunately for me because I seem to have suddenly become afflicted with motion sickness. The boat’s constant wobbling and mass of people made my tummy feel like a washing machine, but never mind. once we started moving life was good again.

We posed like John Lennon in front of the statue. I wanted to go inside and climb it but they only allow as mall number of people a day to to that so of course it was impossible to get tickets.

Back to the hostel to collect our stuff and hop a taxi to the airport. It took nearly an hour and it cost silly money but at least we got there. Of course the lineup at the Virgin check-in was massive, but we got on eventually, tired but excited about the next part of our trip.

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