Lucky Charms

This was the image facing me when I got off the bus at work this morning. I couldn’t resist popping to the park for a minute and taking a few snaps. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a double rainbow my life. And it was one of those where you can see both ends perfectly, as though you could just walk up and touch it. It put an instant smile on my face, more so when I realised how much rain had fallen on me in that tiny bit of time, big fat jolly drops from a purple sky.

I took it as a sign of good things to come.

Thanks Debbie…

We had Wrestlers at the hotel this week. I mean, proper WWE wrestlers. I don’t know much about them I’ll be honest, so I didn’t know who they were. But this big muscly black dude came into the restaurant and you could see the eyes of every girl in the place glaze over. He was absolutely beautiful. I wanted to give him a cuddle.

Ric Flair came in for dinner later on after having eaten a three course meal with Stone Cold & the gang in the other restaurant. I wish I had gotten to see them. He put four steaks on his plate and piled on the salad. He ate one piece and a pile of seafood and left a nice tip. I have to say they were all really nice. I kind of expected them to be rude just because you’d imagine they were used to bossing people about but no. There was another huge guy with a black ponytail and a square face. A short one with a curly blonde ponytail, who walked around the buffet picking up things with his fingers then tilting his head back and chucking bits in. and one with a baseball cap who was really soft spoken and sweet. Then one that reminded me of Fat Bastard from Austin Powers. This huge ginger hairy guy who asked me for something to spit his chew into. Lovely.

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