Melancholy Melody

My apologies if this is random, I assure you that it will be…

Sunday morning breakfast of waffles, bananas and brandy syrup with the lovely Dayna was just what I needed. It’s refreshing to have a girl with a proper brain in her head around who doesn’t take shit or depend on any boy.

Saturday night playing in Red Star with a cute Glaswegian bartender, cider silliness at Joe’s Thinking about pulling pretty girls. Cuddles from Paulie.

Rambling around the countryside feeling green, wishing for a pub serving sunday lunch to come out of the sky, taking photos and being the only ones in the world by the water.

Johnny told me I was macabre today because of a piece I wrote for class. I like that word.

Reading Courtney Love’s journals even though I think she’s crackers.

People I once knew getting married and having babies all over the place and my head spins wondering when in their lives do they get to have fun.

Sad and missing my lovely Jon whose (almost) on his way to brighter things in sunny Scotland as resident artist for the Glenfiddich distillery. Only trouble is he doesn’t drink.

Wanting to go up, up and away almost desperately, missing Channel 4 and the smell of radiators, Woolies pick n’ mix and Fairy liquid. Wanting to toss bits and pieces of pebble beach into the ocean in beautiful Brighton. Missing home.

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