We spent the day in Newport with Nana. She is such a darling. We sat down to lunch and she got busy convincing us to have a drink with her, so of course, poor Johnny had to drink that Guinness. What else was he to do, you can’t say no to Nana. We wandered around town looking for a part for Grampi’s broken washer so that we could finally have clean clothes. We saw the castle and the murals painted all over the walls of the pedways under the streets. It’s not a place on the regular tourist trail, but it has its charms. There are a lot of shops busy shutting their doors and moving out of the city centre, leaving it quite bare in some part, very frustrating when you’re looking for something!

We gave up in the end and headed back to Grampi’s to get ready for our night at the pub with all the family. We downed a pot noodle on the way, my first since being back and it was yummy. We got dressed up all pretty and headed to the pub to meet everyone. I got tucked in to the cider and it all went well from there. Everyone was very sweet and chatty so we had a giggle and I got Jason onto the brandy so I achieved something!

We were quite silly by the time we got home and so decided to have a little wander. It ended up quite a late night…

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