New York

New York is lovely. As soon as we got there and gathered our stuff, we headed to find a bus into town so we could find our hostel. There was a guy at the door who I would guess to be Caribbean of some sort who helped us figure out which of the busses we wanted and the cheapest way we could get into town. Bless him. The bus was packed and took absolutely ages, but eventually we got to the are we thought we should be in and walked the rest of the way to the hostel.

We wandered off to stroll through Central Park from top to bottom, amazed that this place could be in the middle of Manhattan because you would never have known, it was so quiet and pretty. We met a cute Japanese guy wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt who took this photo for us.

Strawberry Fields had a group of  people playing guitar, singing and dancing around it.

I was surprised how quiet and relatively tourist free it was. Just the perfect place to be after getting off a day of flights. We wandered out in Midtown and headed for Broadway and some italian food close to the Tonight Show building. We wandered through Times Square later on, absorbing all the lights and the people, wading through all the commotion. Drinking flat Guinness at a pub later on. Walking the 60 blocks back to the hostel, past shops, restaurants, laundromats, markets, bits and pieces of Manhattan island life.

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