Oh Bad Day

I won’t lie and say I expected that. It was a strange, fuzzy day full of little annoyances that made want to crawl back under the covers and cover my head. Watching him walk away sent little shivers up my back.

In a way, I wish I would have been in a state of mind where i was able to enjoy myself afterwards, because there is nothing like being on your own in a city like that, where you get swallowed up in the crowds and just ride them out. Explore, get lost because there’s no reason not to. But, of course, I wasn’t,

My head was already spinning from all the people, all the trains appearing and disappearing without warning, all the luggage,  all the pointless pacing back and forth, all the policemen running up the escalators holding machine guns, making me question which world I was in.

And the shock of him actually doing it. It had felt like this day  existed somewhere in the great beyond that would never really come, but then he actually walked past a barrier where he couldn’t turn around. He actually got on a plane and left me standing in the middle of Heathrow with a dodgy rail ticket wondering what the hell to do with myself. The plonker.

There’s something rather disconcerting about being in an airport but not actually going anywhere. I don’t like airports at the best of times. I like them about as much as I like hospitals and that’s saying something. For a person who would do anything  be anywhere else most of the time I know that sounds bizarre but it’s the truth. There’s always this… I gotta get outta this place feeling. Coming or going or not really knowing it’s always the same.

So I buggered off back to Euston and got on a train to Granny’s. It was the only thing to do.

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