Open Day

Went running about town with my two Grannies. Granny’s mate Kate met us and we were off to poke about in the BBC Scotland building. Town was having an open day where loads of places were letting you in for free or letting you in at all when they usually don’t. Went to the Lighthouse where there’s loads of little art galleries and climbed this massive staircase. 135 steps. The Grannies couldn’t manage, bless them. Walked half way up then walked back down. So I went up myself and could see for miles.

There really are some nice looking buildings around. The Lighthouse is in the Candleriggs, a part of the city I really like. Loads of nice clothes shops, funky restaurants and bars.  There is loads of Rennie Mackintosh inspired work in the galleries there as well, jewelry and all that. I had a lovely wander around.

I like this town.

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