Nicholas Felton: PhotoViz

In his Webstock ’15 talk, Nicholas Felton discussed  the overlap between photography and infoviz. He mentions some topics that have caught my interest of late, like cinemagrams,  long exposure photography, collaborative art and photo recognition algorithms.

Felton, a graphic designer, spent several years tracking just about every aspect of his life, and turning this data into  highly detailed annual reports.

I’m a big fan of the data art and expressive projects that have come out of the infoviz and quantified self communities recently, like the Dear Data project by Giorgia Lupi and Stefanie Posavec, and Aaron Koblin’s collaborative project Unnumbered Sparks.

There is an interesting shift happening, where data is venturing out of spreadsheets and becoming artistic medium.

How can we express ourselves through data?

More like this to come, I hope!

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