I had a lovely day today. (Except for the work part but I guess it wasn’t so bad so never mind) I spent the morning painting pictures and playing music, watching Radiohead videos on TV, drinking perfectly brewed tea, reading email from Timmy about skinny dipping in a thai waterfall and looking for leeches in obscene places. Me and my sister popped down Whyte for a wander about in the slush looking for shoes, buying expensive crayons, eating noodles, laughing. It was the perfect day for it. Happiness.

I am now sitting on my cosy chair drinking wine with mum, talking to my brother about smoking banana peels at 12 years old and him always being a criminal. Mum is telling me about me being little and about me getting up in the middle of the night in my nightie and wandering into the hall. She hears everything. So she would get up and meet me half way, turn me around in my sleepy daze,take me back to my room and put me back in bed. And so I would demand. Mummy! Mummy…sing Sailing. and she would sing it for me until she thought I was asleep. She would get up to leave and I would be awake again. Mummy! Mummy…sing Sailing. And so she would sing again. She says that’s how I know it, to this day it makes me think of her. Any time I am away and I miss my Mumma I will hear it and I will be sad, but I will feel better. She makes me feel better. I love my Mum.

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