Straightening My Ch'i

The photo is from Kelvingrove Park round the back of my office. The building in the distance is Glasgow Uni. It’s a place I’m in often, for lunch or for a wander before I start work. The leaves are only just falling off and everything is a million colours.

There’s a skate park in the middle covered in rainbow graffiti. It’s good for me. Especially today when I had answered about a hundred needless phone calls by eleven and was thoroughly fed up with it all. I went for a breakfast wander, stopping, of course at Elsie’s van round the corner for a roll with egg, square sausage, brown sauce. A Scottish institution, and a perfect way to bring the colour back into my face.

I walked round to the park, found myself a little bench and munched. People are allowed to let their dogs run about off-leash here so there were a few playing in amongst the leaves, and a couple of kiddies chasing baby squirrels around. Not a scene where it is possible to be any kind of bummed, so, of course, my ch’i was perfectly settled when I went back in for my third cuppa of the morning.

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