I went to meet Catherine at work tonight, She was to take me for tea at her favourite tea shop up in the West End. The University is in that part of town so most students live up that way. I love the student-y areas, they have always got cute Whyte Ave-ish shops and places that require digging around in for days.

I made it to the office after being severely hailed on and finding that my brolly was at home in the bath. My hair was done all pretty on Monday but it was sufficiently ruined by the time I got into the office which was a bit of a bugger, but such is life in Glasgow at the moment as it has been the worst November since records began for wind and pissing rain. It had better be nice and sunny down south this weekend!

We walked up the back of the park since we both refuse to walk through it in the dark. Being that neither one of us is living in the body of a slightly attractive male, at least not today, we stand a fair chance of not being accosted in the bushes, but nevertheless it is not a wise place to be at night, mugging is still an option. A lovely park in the daytime though.

She led me down tiny cobbled streets until we found Tchai-Ovna. It is tucked away next to a record shop and a old bookshop called Voltaire & Rousseau. I am sure she’s found herself digging through there at some point in her life, being an English Lit grad and a book fiend, and of course, a Virgo.

The tea shop is the sweetest place. It’s full of mismatched furniture, bamboo screens, shelves full of dusty books on the wall, shisha pipes for smoking flavoured bacci, and a little enclave at the back full of pillows to sit cross legged without shoes. We parked by the fire and I promptly took off my shoes and very nearly put my feet in the fire. We flipped through the menu, had to be about a hundred kinds of tea in there, perfect for a Tea Jenny like me. Chinese, Nepalese, Japanese, Indian and all things in between. They also have a vegetarian menu so she ordered some Babaghanoush. My Yogi Yogi Tchai came in a mini teapot and it was so yummy. Reminded me of my Sue’s peppery tea.

We chatted until she had to make her way for French class and walked up to the bus stop to drop me off. The University is so pretty at night, these huge gothic buildings lit in all the right places. I think if  I were going to live in Glasgow again I would like to live up there.

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