The Lovely Brian

We went to Leeds and met Anna and Andy in the Weatherspoons at the train station. Me and Banana ran off into town to try and get some food for the weekend, leaving the boys to their pints.  We somehow managed to fill our already overstuffed bags with food and booze. Bless him, Andy ended up carrying a case of beer to the festival. We joined the army of wellied folk and jumped on the bus to the festival site which is actually about 20 miles outside of Leeds in Wetherby. The site opens on Thursday so most people had already set up camp. We found a place on the edge of one of the campsites and started to set up, but a seasoned festy came by and told us that we were in the riot zone and we should move if we didn’t want to be set on fire. We didn’t need to be told twice, so we picked up the tents and moved in a bit, hoping that we would escape the flames.

Of course, I wanted to be there when Placebo took the stage so we headed over to the main arena and got comfy. The set was short but very sweet, once I got over the shock of his shiny bald head, that is. But it’s starting to grow on me. Mais maintenant nous sommes tout seuls. Weird and lovely and a little sad, but worth it.

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