Then it Started To Piss Down

We were both mucky and hairy and minging. He needed a shave, bless him. I like it when he’s a wee bit stubbly sometimes, but this was getting serious. He couldn’t see to do anything about it. The little compact mirror Anna and I were using to makeup ourselves was hardly going to allow him to put a razor blade safely to his neck. So the job was down to me. Anna and Andy pissed themselves laughing, winding him up about how dangerously close to his jugular I was getting with my razor in and out of my makeshift sink… our camping pot full of heated water. I did a fine job, if I must say so myself. the only part of that boy’s chin that had a stitch of hair was right below his nose where even he doesn’t get most of the time. I was quite impressed with myself. And he is lovely with a smooth face.

We wandered the stalls chock full of summer dresses and t-shirts and hoodies and cute stuff. I bought a couple of dresses I’d been eyeing up and he, a Clockwork Orange hoodie. We watched a bit of Feeder, I caught Just The Way I’m Feeling which was the song I was really bothered about so I was happy.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs were magic. It was raining only slightly, we’d met up with Anna and Andy for a bit and got a good spot in the crowd so we had a bit of toe space. Karen O was wearing this fabulous colourful unitard and flinging herself about, such a joy to watch because it was so obvious she was loving it, and so were we.

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